alexandra rothwell



alexandra spent her childhood rolling in dunes and frothy waves on the island of martha’s vineyard. a blessing and  curse. always, alexandra wondered if there was another shangri-la that could trump the beauty of her native isla. she spent summers gardening amongst succulents, crocosmias, hibiscuses and columbines. for every winter, alexandra would runway to seek out other utopias: thailand, indonesia, japan, nicaragua, costa rica, united arab emirates, oman, denmark, ecuador and france. alexandra feared that her quixotic life was a hoax, her head was in the clouds, it wasn’t a reality. so she laced up her boots for the jungle of new york city. but alexandra cannot escape the idyll, new york city is a dreamland of another realm. suppose it is best to remain in la la land.


through out alexandra’s  life she repeatedly watched the labyrinth and repeatedly stuffed her face with haribo gummies. she collected glass animals, vintage jewelry and vinyl. she obsessively read roald dahl and nabokov and was lost in the world of entomology and graphic novels.


alexandra rothwell herself and her designs are not color shy. each piece is a polychromatic one-off made to tickle your collarbone and bellybutton. the color combos are inspired by celestial nebulas, lepidoptera and coleoptera, aquinnah’s clay cliffs, old postcards, native american weaves, tropical fish, grandma’s linoleum floor, comic books, lightning storms, geodes, rusty ships, parrot’s plumes, totem poles, lichen filled tree bark, miami’s neon lights, moroccan tiles, japanese toys and reptile scales.



please contact alexandra via email for a customized design.